Maskfog browser function and benefits

10 features for free, exclusive devices as low as $4.99

Package information Free Base Pro
Basic instructions For people Users with general environmental requirements Users with higher environmental requirements Users who require a stable and pure environment
Price(/set) $0 $2 $4.99+
Proxy Information Custom Proxy
IP Free Trial
Custom Proxy Exclusive Proxy
View Exclusive Proxy Information
Browser Environment 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Members Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Browser proxy service configuration 2台 Unlimited Unlimited
Basic Function Platform account secret, Cookies import
Browser Fingerprint Configuration
App Center - Browser Plugin
Supports all network protocols
Environment Safety Environment Advanced Settings
Mobile browser environment
Office efficiency Teamwork
2 or more members login
Automation × × Exclusive customization
Customer service 在线支持
Free remote training
Exclusive product consultant ×
Package Offer Order 90 days Free forever 5% off 5% off
Order 180 days Free forever 10% off 10% off


1. The proxy sold in this product is a static proxy, a fixed proxy address, which can be renewed on demand before expiration and renewed for the same proxy.
2. Proxy service cannot be cancelled after purchasing and frequent change of proxy is potentially risky.
3. Purchased proxy can be used only in MaskFog without access to detailed information of them. ipService.globalCont3

Maskfog Proxy Price
Maskfog Proxy provides pure and stable IP, kindly purchase according to the region you need.
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  • Private proxy
  • Shared Proxy - Free Trial
  • hotZone A


Only for platforms supporting IPv6, such as Google、Facebook、YouTube、Vinted、Instagram、Linkedin etc.
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* Please read Term of Use before purchase.